SSL Installations

Pagoda (BT-Panel) / aaPanel SSL Installation Guide

BT-Panel (a.k.a. Pagoda [], aaPanel []) – is a Chinese control panel, which allows its users to manage all of the services (LAMP/LNMP) of the hosting server with easy-to-use UI.

It is pretty fast growing nowadays, thanks to its cost, which is none. The project is available at GitHub (Open Source) and absolutely free to use.

CSR code generation process

The CSR code can be generated directly at the server (SSH) using OpenSSL command:

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout ~/server.key -out ~/server.csr
Make sure to skip the “Challenge password” part.

Then, the CSR code and the private key can be checked using the corresponding commands:

cat ~/server.csr
cat ~/server.key

Alternatively, the CSR code can be generated here:

Make sure to save the private key for the certificate installation.

SSL certificate installation process

Firstly, make sure to log into the BT panel. The panel is available at the next URL:


When logged in, select the “网站” (Website) section.

After that, click the “设置” (Configuration) button near the needed website.

In the pop-up window, select the “SSL” section.

After that, click the “其他证书” (Other certificate) tab.

In this section, make sure to paste the following codes:

NGINX Bundle (Certificate + CA Bundle) to the 证书(PEM格式) section. (Right)

Private key to the 密钥(KEY) section. (Left)

In the green notification the following details will be provided:

证书品牌 – Certificate Issuer

认证域名 – Domain name

到期时间 – Expiration Date

Double-check the details and then click the  “保存” (Save) button.

The following screen will appear:

Done! The certificate is installed.

HTTPS redirect

HTTPS redirect can be enabled in the same window using the “强制HTTPS” (Force HTTPS) toggle.